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Divinity School ShieldThe Yale Divinity School Quadrangle includes eight wings, which are undergoing thorough renovation. They had been used as dormitories and offices. Five of these wings are named after:

  • Samuel Hopkins, a strong abolitionist voice in Rhode Island around the time of the American Revolution.
  • Leonard Bacon, a leader of the colonizationist movement and a moderate anti-slavery activist.
  • Nathaniel Taylor, the first professor of a newly formed Divinity School, who concluded student-led disputations with pro-slavery decisions throughout the 1840s and 1850s.
  • Moses Stuart, a theology professor at Andover who published a scriptural defense of slavery.
  • Lyman Beecher, a colonizationist mentored closely by Timothy Dwight.


Yale Divinity School

Nathaniel W. Taylor

Moses Stuart

Leonard Bacon


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