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The Law School

Law School shieldThe Yale Law School is credited with having three founders. They are each honored in the shield of the law school. The shield is printed today on business cards, letters, and law school publications.

Seth Staples founded a private law school, which became known as the Staples School. Staples moved to New York before this school became affiliated with Yale. He later served as one of the attorneys for the Amistad captives.

Samuel Hitchcock took over the school from Staples, and is credited with doing the most to keep the school alive. Hitchcock was on the committee that drafted the resolutions to prevent the "Negro college" from opening its doors in Connecticut.

David Daggett was the first "Kent Professor of Law" at Yale College. He lent his name and prestige to the school, and taught occasional classes there, as well as overseeing the school's gradual merger with Yale College. He was a leader of the movement to prevent the "Negro college" from opening in New Haven, and later played a prominent role stopping other educational opportunities for African-Americans in Connecticut.

After Daggett and Hitchcock became unable to run the school alone, Yale hired another instructor, who would soon become a professor: Issac H. Townsend. Townsend had helped Hitckcock and Daggett draft the resolutions against the "Negro college".





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