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by the authors

The research and writing of this essay has from the start been a collective project.

Put three academics, trained in three different fields, together on a single project, and you will get five different approaches. We have nonetheless managed to work together, pooling our experience and our vision, driven by our shared commitment to making sure the truth sees the light of day. We may not all agree upon the phrasing of each sentence (academics never do), but we do all stand behind the results of this research.

Thanks go especially to the Federation of Hospital and University Employees. Our gratitude extends in particular to HERE Local 34 and GESO (the Graduate Employees and Students Organization), for encouraging people active in the unions to spend valuable time researching this topic. David Sanders, a Ph.D. candidate in Yale's history department and a GESO leader, helped usher this essay through to completion with invaluable comments and guidance.

Thanks also to the staff of the Connecticut State Archives, of the New Haven Colony Historical Society, of the New Haven Public Library, of Yale's Beinecke Rare Book Library, and of Yale's Manuscripts and Archives collection in Sterling Library. Their helpfulness smoothed the way for this project to appear.

Earlier drafts of this essay have been read and re-read by many different people, coming from many different perspectives. In addition to many members of the Federation, thanks go out to Al Marder (President of the Amistad Committee), Dr. Gerald Horne (University of North Carolina), Dr. Howard Jones (University of Alabama), Dr. Clifton Johnson (Tulane University), Dr. Diana Paton (University of Newcastle), Prof. Lori Brooks (Berea College), Dr. Robert Johnston (Yale) and Dr. Hazel Carby (Yale).

Thanks to Virginia Blaisdell for designing this website: Its accessibility promises to translate our findings into the realm of public history. Some material will appear on this website that did not appear in this essay.



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