Appendix 2: Other Yale Leaders and Their Honors

Name Public Positions Re: Slavery Yale Honors New Haven Honors
Timothy Woodbridge Slave Owner Woodbridge Hall None
Jared Eliot
(Yale 1706)
Slave Owner. Donated first Yale library funds. None None
Philip Livingston Slave Trader and slave owner. Donated money to endow Yale’s first professorship. Livingston Gateway None
James Hillhouse
(Yale 1773)
Anti-slavery leader in early U.S. Congress None

Hillhouse Ave.;
Hillhouse High School

Samuel Hopkins
(Yale 1741)
Supported Immediate Emancipation "Hopkins" YDS wing. None
Moses Stuart
(Yale 1799)
Published Scriptural defense of slavery "Stuart" YDS wing None
Nathaniel Taylor
(Yale 1807)
Concluded Yale student disputations with pro-slavery decisions in 1840s and 1850s. "Taylor" YDS wing None
Leonard Bacon
(Yale 1783)
Outspoken leader of Colonizationist movement, while pastor of Center Church and as member of Yale Corporation. Assisted Amistad captives. "Bacon" YDS wing None
Augustus Street
(Yale 1812)
On committee to prevent "Negro college" in New Haven. Wealthy New Haven merchant, and significant Yale donor. Street Hall None
David Kimberly
(Yale 1812 )
As Mayor of New Haven, convenes Town Meeting to prevent "Negro college" from opening. None Kimberly Ave.
David Daggett
(Yale 1783)
Leader of movement to prevent "Negro college" in New Haven. Yale professor, founder of Yale Law School, and Chief Justice of Connecticut Supreme Court. Symbol in Law School Shield Daggett St.
Samuel Hitchcock
(Yale 1809)
On committee to prevent "Negro college" in New Haven. Founder of Yale Law School. Symbol in Law School Shield None
Seth Staples
(Yale 1797)
Defender of Amistad captives. Founder of private law school that later merged with Yale. Symbol in Law School Shield None
Roger S. Baldwin
(Yale 1811)
Advocate for "Negro college" in 1831. Abolitionist and defender of Amistad captives. CT Governor. None Baldwin Drive (now closed)
Simeon Jocelyn
(Attended Yale briefly in 1823)
Advocate for "Negro college" in 1831. First pastor of Dixwell Congregational Church. Supported Amistad captives. Creator of "Trowbridge" neighborhood. None Jocelyn Square
Josiah W. Gibbs
(Yale 1809)
Translated language of Amistad captives while a Yale Divinity School Professor of philology. None None
James Pennington
(Refused admittance to Yale; audited classes)
Escaped slave from Maryland. First black pastor of Dixwell Congregational Church. Prominent abolitionist and advocate of education for blacks. None None
Cassius Clay
(Yale 1832)
Prominent Southern abolitionist. None None
Charles Torrey
(Yale 1833)
Quit ministry to buy farm for underground ralroad. Helped 400 fugitive slaves escape. Caught, sentenced to hard labor & died in prison. None None