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Amistad MemorialPublisher:
The Amistad Committee
was founded in 1988 in order to foster greater understanding of the story of the Amistad captives, and of the still lingering effects of our countryís history of slavery. The Amistad Committee commissioned the statue of Sengbe Pieh, leader of the Amistad Revolt, standing today outside New Havenís City Hall as well as a prize-winning video and teacher's guide for classroom use. It brought together a consortium for the construction of a replica of the original Amistad ship, which visits various ports and makes its home in the New Haven harbor. The Amistad Committee proposed and coordinates the official State of Connecticut Freedom Trail, 88 sites that have contributed to the struggle against slavery and equal rights.

Antony Dugdale
is a Ph.D. Candidate in Yale's departments of Religious Studies and Philosophy and is working on a dissertation on Spinoza's philosophy. He also currently works full time as the research analyst for HERE Local 34, and also serves as a deacon at New Haven's Center Church on the Green.

J. J. Fueser is a Ph.D. Candidate in Yale's departments of American Studies and Psychology and is working on a dissertation on U.S. imperialism and psychology in the 1890s. She is a member of the GESO coordinating committee.

J. Celso de Castro Alves is a Ph.D. Candidate in Yale's department of History and is working on a dissertation about social movements in early nineteenth-century Brazil. He is a member of the GESO coordinating committee, and attends New Haven's Community Baptist Church. He is currently doing archival research work in Brazil.

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You can email us at
Antony Dugdale:
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The Amistad Committee:

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The Amistad Committee also publishes the following other works:

THE AMISTAD REVOLT: "All We Want Is Make Us Free" with Teacher's Guide
This 33-minute awards-winning video is a compelling documentary, narrated by Broadway actress, Vinie Burrows, script by Dr. Jeremy Brecher, produced and directed by Karyl Evans. The professional Guide provides opportunity for the teacher to utilize the Amistad story to broaden the student's understanding of how the history of the United States was fashioned.
$39.95 each plus $4.50 Shipping and Handling.

By Karen Zeinert Linnet Books
A carefully researched 96-page easy-to-read accounting of the Amistad Revolt. Excellent for young adults. Makes a wonderful gift.
Paperback: $10.95 each plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling.

The Amistad Memorial: 22" x 28": Paper
The Poster shows the three-sided 14-foot Bronze relief sculpture of Sengbe Pieh (Joseph Cinque) standing in front of the City Hall of New Haven, the site of the jail where the captives were incarcerated. Sculpted by the well-known artist, Ed Hamilton, Louisville, Kentucky, it portrays the captives at the time of capture, courtroom and returning home free. Dedicated September 26, 1992.
$10.00 each plus $4.50 shipping and handling.

THE AMISTAD REVOLT: Struggle for Freedom:
47 pages
A contemporary account of the capture of the Amistad; biographical sketches of the captives and the trial written by John W. Barber, 1840; also, an essay "The Amistad Revolt: An Historical Legacy of Sierra Leone and The United States" written originally for the United States Information Agency by Dr. Arthur Abraham, then Minister of Education, Republic of Sierra Leone. Together the essays present an understanding of the significance of this historic event.
$4.00 each plus $3.00 shipping and handling.

56 Pages
By Antony Dugdale, J. J. Fueser, and J. Celso de Castro Alves
A historical examination of Yale's history of slavery and abolition, focusing on the ten men whom Yale chooses to honor with the names of the residential colleges. Also, an in-depth look at some of Yale's financial foundations, and the demise in 1831 of a proposed "Negro college", to be located in New Haven.
Paperback: $5.00 each plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling.

The Amistad Committee, Inc.
P.O. Box 2936
Westville Station
New Haven, Connecticut 06515
Telephone: (203) 387-0370;
Fax: (203) 397-2539;



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